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Complete Soap Making Supplies and Tutorial Resource

Soap making is an absolute blast. Here you will find recipes, strategies, tips, and, of course, quality soap making supplies. Learn everything there is to know about making soap at home today.

Continue reading "Complete Soap Making Supplies and Tutorial Resource"

Emu Oil Lotion Bar Recipe

Follow along with Soap Making Resource's emu oil lotion bar recipe and create an all-natural, preservative free hard bar of lotion that will offer many epidermal benefits. Nourish your skin with SMR's fully refined pure emu oil today!

Continue reading "Emu Oil Lotion Bar Recipe"

Emu Oil Salve Recipe

Learn how to make SMR's skin-nourishing, nutrient-dense emu oil salve recipe through this step by step picture tutorial. You, your family and your customers will LOVE the finished product that this formula produces!

Continue reading "Emu Oil Salve Recipe"

Fall Essential Oil Blends

SMR's fall essential oil blends uniquely integrate spicy, deep-earth and warm-wooded aromas along with the occasional seasonally sweet bouquet. Each of our fall blends offer a delightful scent, perfect for any cool autumn day!

Continue reading "Fall Essential Oil Blends"

Acrylic Soap Molds

Top notch no-line acrylic soap molds are now available at Soap Making Resource. Never line your mold again with this new original Soap Making Resource design.

Continue reading "Acrylic Soap Molds"

Soap Making Kits

Browse our huge selection of soap making kits exclusively available at Soap Making Resource. Make the perfect bath and beauty product with one of our soap kits today!

Continue reading "Soap Making Kits"

Mango Butter Lotion Bar Recipe

Try SMR's mango butter lotion bar recipe today, and produce an all-natural, preservative free rub-on lotion bar that, unlike liquid lotion, is completely solid at room temperature. It's the perfect chemical-free alternative to often synthetic-filled liquid lotion!

Continue reading "Mango Butter Lotion Bar Recipe"

Jojoba Oil Ointment Recipe

Learn how to make SMR's all-natural jojoba oil ointment recipe through this detailed picture tutorial. This therapeutic epidermal ointment is full of skin-loving ingredients and has been used to treat sunburn, improve dry skin and mitigate the symptoms of dandruff.

Continue reading "Jojoba Oil Ointment Recipe"

Natural Soap Colorants

Natural soap colorants offer many possibilities for the synthetic free soap maker. Learn about these natural soap colors today and try them in your next batch.

Continue reading "Natural Soap Colorants"

Cylinder Soap Mold

This no-line acrylic cylinder soap mold will allow you to create perfect circular soap bars with ease! Buy this tube soap mold today and start adding professional circular soaps to your product line!

Continue reading "Cylinder Soap Mold"

Cocoa Butter Whipped Body Butter Recipe

Learn how to make a cocoa butter whipped body butter recipe that is great for the skin and has a unique and exotic chocolate lime-mint aroma

Continue reading "Cocoa Butter Whipped Body Butter Recipe"

Homemade Bug Repellent

Try Soap Making Resource's easy homemade bug repellent recipe today and stay bite and chemical free this warm weather season!

Continue reading "Homemade Bug Repellent"

Soap Making Exfoliators - Natural Botanicals

Natural soap making exfoliators will add a mild abrasiveness and texture to your homemade bath and beauty product. It's perfect for giving your creation the scrubbiness needed to exfoliate dead skin cells.

Continue reading "Soap Making Exfoliators - Natural Botanicals"

Handmade Soap Recipe

Soap making Resource's handmade soap recipe will produce a beautiful artisan soap bar designed with a natural blue woad swirl. This bar also incorporates a fascinating sweet citrus and floral essential oil blend of 5 unique oils.

Continue reading "Handmade Soap Recipe"

Goat's Milk Soap Recipe

I think you will love my goat's milk soap recipe. In this tutorial, you will learn the best method for making goat's milk soap successfully and without discoloration.

Continue reading "Goat's Milk Soap Recipe"

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