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Soap Making Resource ships most items worldwide! Below you will find a form where you can enter your desired products and receive a quick soap making supplies international shipping quote via email. Within the form, you will be asked to submit the product you would like to purchase, followed by the size you would like and the quantity you would like of that specific product.

Example: If you would like two 16oz packages of red sandalwood powder, simply enter "red sandalwood powder" into the item box, "16oz" into the item size box and "2" into the item quantity box. If you have any questions, or need help ordering, simply contact me via this contact form and I will help you through it. I usually try to return most emails within a few hours!

There are enough spaces to enter 10 items total along with their subsequent size and quantity. If you would like to purchase more then 10 items, simply keep submitting the form as many times as needed.

Most international orders ship via the United States Postal Service as they offer the least expensive rates and are a high quality courier.

Thanks for your interest in my products! I'm looking forward to serving your soap making needs!

Important: If you leave this page before clicking the "request shipping quote" button at the bottom of the form below, the information that you entered within the form will be erased. Therefore, it is best to write down all the items that you would like to purchase first and then enter them into this form so that you don't loose your information if you decide to browse other pages within Again, contact me if you have questions!

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