Fall Essential Oil Blends 2015

If you are fond of the fantastic aromas that epitomize the fall season, you will absolutely love this tutorial in which we will demonstrate 6 of our brand-new fall essential oil blends. Within this demonstration, we will be combining a variety of our all-natural essential oils to create fantastic fall aromas. These unique bouquets are warm, woodsy, sweet, spicy, deep and musky... and each one, of course, will remind you of a cozy day in autumn. Here at Soap Making Resource, we created these fall scents for you, tested and reviewed them for you and we are now excited to share the very best ones with you. We love these fantastic fall essential oil blends and we hope that you do to!

Fall Essential Oil Blends

Note: This is in fact SMR's second fall essential oil blends demonstration. Click here now to see the original fall essential oil blends tutorial for 6 more wonderful autumn aromas!

For this tutorial, we created numerous fall essential oil blends. Below are our 6 favorites!

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Note: If you do not understand the essential oil blend formulas below, click here now for a helpful blog post about interpreting essential oil blend recipes!

Fall Blend #1:

This autumn essential oil blend incorporates SMR's orange 5x essential oil and cinnamon leaf essential oil to create a bright and sweet fall aroma. Black pepper essential oil is then introduced to compliment the final scent with a subtle spiciness!

Fall Blend #2:

Within this fall essential oil blend, SMR's orange 5x essential oil and spearmint essential oil mingle together over a light and pleasant backdrop of anise (star) essential oil, a licorice-like scent that is one of my seasonal favorites!

Fall Blend #3:

Within this fall essential oil blend, amyris essential oil, cedar wood essential oil and fir needle essential oil are carefully combined to create a warm and woodsy aroma. Subtly sweet notes and delicate spice notes are then incorporated using rosewood and bergamot essential oils. The finished scent is a unique and pleasant warm autumn aroma that's perfect for those cool autumn months!

Fall Blend #4:

Within this autumn-themed essential oil blend, sage (dalmation) essential oil, cedar wood essential oil, lime essential oil and patchouli essential oil (premium) are combined to create a warm, woodsy and sweet scent with slight musky undertones. This autumn aroma is one of the more masculine scents produced by our fall essential oil blend recipes.

Fall Blend #5:

This fall essential oil blend incorporates frankincense essential oil, anise (star) essential oil and amyris essential oil to create a spicy and musky autumn-themed aroma with subtle wood undertones.

Fall Blend #6:

This autumn essential oil blend combines SMR's allspice essential oil, cinnamon leaf essential oil and lemon essential oil (premium) to create a simple yet elegant fall fragrance. It is definitely one of my favorite blends from this collection... A true mainstay for the fall season!

Thank you for reading this tutorial everyone. We truly hope that you enjoy creating our fall essential oil blends for yourself this autumn season. Maybe they will inspire your newest creations! As always, it is our absolute pleasure to share with you the abundant uses of SMR's fine ingredient products.

All the ingredients used within this demonstration can be purchased right here at soap-making-resource.com. If you have any questions about this tutorial or about any of our products, please contact us. We are more than happy to help you!

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