Soap Making Thermometer

A high quality and accurate soap making thermometer is an important tool for every soap maker. Most soap makers like to mix there oils/fats and lye solution at a certain temperature before they are combined for saponification.

What is the "right temperature"? The right temperature can be different for every recipe and sometimes for every soap maker. It depends on which oils are used, whether or not your essential or fragrance oils will speed up trace and many other factors. There is no strict rule! Many recipes will work whether you combine your ingredients at 110 degrees Fahrenheit or 90 degrees Fahrenheit. It really depends on your personal preference and style. As you learn how to make soap you will surely develop your own ideal temperatures.

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Here are the characteristics that I recommend you look for in a soap making thermometer before you buy:

  1. Water proof - I think the reasons are pretty obvious.
  2. Digital - It's much easier and more reliable to translate digital readouts then dial readouts
  3. Stainless steel - this helps your thermometer withstand the caustic elements of lye
  4. Large temperature range - the one I use ranges from -40 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  5. Length - It should be at least 5 inches long. Remember, once you mix the lye with the oils and fats, the reaction will cause the solution to heat up to more then 200 degrees. Needless to say, you don't want to get your hands to close.

Once you purchase your thermometer, remember the all important rule: If you use it for soap making, then it becomes a soap thermometer only. Keep it away from the rest of your regular kitchen supplies!

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