Carrot Facial Mask

Today we are going to be learning how to make a carrot facial mask. In this recipe, we will be using fresh carrots, honey and Soap Making Resource's steam distilled carrot seed essential oil. Carrot seed essential oil is an amazing natural skin care ingredient with lots of wonderful benefits!

Carrot Facial Mask

Carrot seed essential oil has a slightly sweet and earthy aroma. This particular ingredient is used mostly for its skin care benefits. There are so many soap makers and homemade cosmetic manufacturers out there that just don't know how to use carrot seed essential oil. Although it will add a nice earthy aroma to your product and combines very nicely with patchouli essential oil, the emphasis for carrot seed essential oil is definitely skin care! It is largely used within high end leave on products!

Below are the step by step instructions for creating our carrot facial mask. Of course, there will be plenty of pictures along the way to help you along with each step!

Step 1) First, slice approximately 3 large carrots into ¼ inch thick circles. You may need more or less than 3 carrots depending on their size!

Slicing Carrots

Step 2) Next, weigh out 5 ounces of cut up carrots that we will be using in this batch. 5 ounces of carrots will produce enough finished product for about 2 facial mask application.

Weighing Carrots

Step 3) Next, lightly boil your weighed out portion of carrots. Don't go overboard here! You should boil the carrots just enough so that you are able to mash them into a pulp using a fork. Boiling the carrots for too long may destroy some of the beneficial components within the vegetable, so go easy!

Boiling Carrots

Step 4) Once the carrots are finished boiling, remove them from your pot and begin mashing them thoroughly with a fork.

Mashing Carrots

Step 5) Next, weigh out and add 2.5 ounces of honey to your mashed up carrots and mix together thoroughly.

Adding Honey to Carrots

Not only does honey have many of its own beneficial skin care properties, but it will also give your carrot facial mask the necessary paste-like texture to make it applicable to the skin.

Step 6) Now weigh out and add 1/4 ounce of carrot seed essential oil, approximately 7 grams, to the batch. This is really the key ingredient for this recipe!

Adding the Carrot Seed Essential Oil

Step 7) Give your concoction one last good mix!

Mixing Carrot Facial Mask

Step 8) Finally, apply the carrot facial mask to your face, avoiding any eye contact. Relax and enjoy!

Keep in mind that as with any leave on product, you should test this product on a small patch of skin before applying to your facial area. It's always a good idea to test for allergies or any other negative reactions before using any skin care product!

I hope you all enjoyed this carrot facial mask tutorial. It's simple, quick and easy to make this recipe at home on your own. Give it a try it today!

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